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Orange Bonds & the Advancement of Peace, Prosperity & Climate Action

The Orange Bond Initiative™, in partnership with global stakeholders, focuses on advancing gender equality and enhancing livelihoods in resource-challenged regions. Beyond economic empowerment, these bonds have a transformative impact by fostering environments that promote peace, especially in areas marred by conflict and environmental challenges.

This paper underscores the pivotal role of Orange Bonds in weaving together gender equality and peace-building, highlighting their potential as instruments for positive change with an emphasis on Jordan, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia.

Orange Bond Insights Paper

Building a Gender-Empowered Financial System

The ‘Building a Gender-Empowered Financial System’ insights report provides a three-pronged framework to systematically scale investing in gender equality.

It explores key concepts including (1) the potential for Orange Bonds as a cross-cutting asset class to advance gender-just prosperity, peace, and climate resilience; (2) the need to embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion in decision-making; and (3) the potential to align risk, return, and impact to build transparent, data-driven financial markets.

Taking an ecosystem approach, the report includes recommendations on how various actors can be a part of the Orange Movement™ and transition gender lens investing from strategy to action.

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