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Did you know achieving true gender equality could ignite a staggering 26% boost in the global GDP by 2025? Yet, the COVID-19 crisis has starkly widened the gender gap, undoing progress by over a century. The time to act is now. 

Step into a world where women, girls, and gender minorities aren't just participants – they're trailblazers leading the charge toward global prosperity, enduring peace, and climate resilience. The essence of the Orange Movement™ is to empower 100 million women worldwide to shape a resilient, sustainable future with a transformative infusion of US$10 billion by 2030.

Imagine a future where every voice, irrespective of gender, holds equal weight in shaping our world. This vision propels the Orange Pledge – a dynamic global commitment dedicated to crafting an Orange (gender-equal) world across every sphere of life: economic, social, political, and environmental.

Will you join us in making history? Take the Orange Pledge and become an integral part of the movement, shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for all!

The Orange Pledge

By signing the Orange Pledge, I proudly align with the Orange Movement™ – a force dedicated to reshaping our world at the nexus of gender equality with climate action, economic prosperity, and peace.

I pledge to propel the Orange Movement™'s monumental goal of empowering approximately 100 million women and girls worldwide, catalyzing a transformational infusion of US$10 billion by 2030. Together, we embark on this journey with three pivotal objectives:

  1. Empowerment through Finance: We champion creating a gender-empowered financing system, setting global standards and metrics to ensure equitable investment in gender equality initiatives.
  2. Capital Mobilization: We mobilize fresh sources of capital on a grand scale, equipping women with the tools, training, and knowledge to develop gender-centric products and services.
  3. Accelerating Change: We expedite progress toward gender equality and women's empowerment, leveraging capital to position women, girls, and gender minorities as integral solutions for a resilient, environmentally sustainable future.

In unity, we initiate a financial revolution and drive progress towards gender equality. Join us as we pioneer a world where empowerment knows no bounds, and together, we create lasting change for future generations. 


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