Giving Women Value and Voice

The Orange Movement™ recognizes the importance of having women at the forefront of the fight against global issues and economic crises and showcasing them as solutions.

By utilizing a data-driven approach that ensures women have a voice across the value chain, the Movement is putting power back into their hands and building transparency at the last mile. Hear directly from women who have been empowered by Orange Capital to be champions of building prosperity, planetary resilience, and peace and security.


Orange Capital and Climate Action


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Jennifer is a tea farmer in rural Kenya. She is one of the ~12,000 smallholder farmers who have improved their climate resilience through an Orange Bond till date. Jennifer has received agricultural inputs and training on sustainable and climate-smart agriculture, benefits of using organic fertilizers, soil maintenance in climate impacted regions, and proper harvesting. Following these training sessions, her agricultural yield has improved by 50%. Jennifer can now better adapt to the droughts and extreme weather events in Kenya, and is equipped to transition from a victim of climate change to a solution to climate adaptation and food security.


Orange Capital and Climate Action


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Isniwati is among the 18 million Indonesians who live in water-stressed areas aggravated by climate change. In 2022, she received a water and sanitation loan from an Orange Bond portfolio company that has helped her save up to 3 hours a day previously spent collecting water and improved her family’s health and sanitation outcomes. She is one of ~3,000 Indonesian women who has improved her ability to adapt to climate change by building water security.


Orange Capital and Climate Action


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Samantha is a Filipino woman entrepreneur who availed an Orange Loan to transition from a traditional cookstove to an eco-friendly, clean cookstove to expand her catering business in 2022. The transition to a greener solution has empowered Samantha to be an advocate for the environment by reducing her carbon emissions by 180 metric tons per year. Samantha is one of the ~8,000 women that are mitigating climate change through clean energy products financed through the Orange Bond proceeds till date, playing an essential part in the global transition to net zero.

Seamstress from India

Orange Capital and Peace & Security


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Paramjeet is an Indian seamstress who has benefited from an Orange Loan to build a new house for her family. The new home provides her and her daughters a more secure place to live and mitigates risks related to gender-based violence. Paramjeet is one of ~3,000 women who has used Orange Capital to gain access to safe and affordable housing.


Orange Capital and Prosperity


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Polin is a Cambodian micro-entrepreneur who owns a local grocery store. With an Orange Loan, she has successfully expanded her business and increased her income by 20%. Polin has used her savings to purchase life insurance that gives her a greater sense security. Polin is one of ~2,000 Cambodian women who have report an improved sense of dignity and empowerment through improved financial resilience.


Orange Capital and Prosperity


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Shanti owns a plant nursery and agro-business in rural Sri Lanka. She is one of the ~12,000 Sri Lankan women micro-entrepreneurs who have benefitted through Orange Bond proceeds to rebuild and sustain their businesses post the COVID-19 pandemic. Shanti has successfully managed to increase her income by 30% and used her savings to keep her children in school to break the cycle of poverty through the next generation.


Perspectives of the Ecosystem

Stephen Liberatore Nuveen

Similar to how the Green Bond Principles built momentum for climate investments, the Orange Bonds will create the robust framework necessary to guide capital towards the gender-lens investing movement at scale. This new asset class will help mobilize billions so that we go beyond talking about gender lens investing to actually committing capital towards it.

  • Stephen M. Liberatore, CFA, Head of ESG/Impact – Global Fixed Income, Nuveen
  • USA
Stephanie Copus Campbell

Mobilizing capital through Orange Bonds to empower women and girls and promote climate action, at the same time advances strategic areas of interest to economies in Southeast Asia and Australia, and promotes the region’s growth, stability and resilience. The Orange Bond Initiative™ has been intentionally designed to ensure that the increasing global interest in gender lens investing translates into actual transactions which create meaningful and verified impact for women and girls, and addresses climate change.

  • Stephanie Copus Campbell AM, Ambassador for Gender Equality, Australia Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Australia

IIX has pioneered a unique financial structure that effectively balances risk, returns, and impact. The DFC anticipates the WLB5 [the world’s first Orange Bond] will revolutionize capital markets by placing women at the forefront of solutions to achieve a more inclusive, climate-resilient future for all.

  • James Polan, Vice President for Development Credit, DFC
  • USA

It's not waiting for the economy to just do what the economy is doing. It’s actually looking at ways we can jumpstart an underrepresented part of the economy – which is good business.

  • Tammy Medard, ANZ MD, Institutional Australia & PNG
  • Australia

The investment from IIX's Women's Livelihood Bond™ Series in our HerVikas program brings fresh impetus to the need for financial inclusion of women entrepreneurs. Empowering women has a strong impact on improving the quality of life for families and achieving gender parity can add 27 percent to India's GDP.

  • Hardika Shah, Founder and CEO, Kinara Capital
  • India