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The Orange Movement™’s name is derived from the color of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5: Gender Equality. The Orange Movement™ will tap into financial markets to place women at the forefront of solutions to address the US$1.7 million funding gap for the 17 UN SDGs and build a more inclusive, resilient future for all.

The Orange Movement™’s mission is to mobilize US$10 billion to empower 100 million women, girls, and gender minorities through three objectives:

  1. Building a gender-empowered financing system that works better for everyone by supporting and applying a set of global standards, indices, and performance metrics for investing in gender equality.
  2. Mobilizing new sources of capital for women’s empowerment at scale by providing the tools, training, and knowledge products that enable the development of gender lens investment products.
  3. Fast-tracking gender equality and women’s empowerment by using capital in ways that value women and girls as solutions to a more resilient, green future.


In particular, the Movement aims to unlock Orange Capital in the form of bonds, loans, funds, and grants, to advance three key areas where gender equality can drive catalytic and systemic change:



Orange Capital takes a gender lens across the spectrum of instruments to build a gender-empowered financial system. 


  • Orange Bonds are the world’s first sustainable debt asset class for investing in gender equality. Orange Bonds are designed as a cross-cutting asset class that complements existing standards for Green and Social Bonds to tap into the multi-trillion debt capital markets to unlock capital at scale.
  • Orange Loans are gender lens lending products designed for the full spectrum of borrowers from micro, small, and medium enterprises to larger financial institutions that are empowering women and girls through their products, services, and supply chains.
  • Orange Funds invest in portfolios that integrate gender equality. Fund managers embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion in their leadership to unravel the full power of an orange lens and benefit from the stabilised returns, mitigated risk, and maximized impact that investing in gender equality provides.
  • Orange Grants are catalytic capital instruments designed to support the development of gender lens financial products, advance research and knowledge on gender equality, or support grassroots initiatives that empower women, girls, and the LGBTQI+ community to sustain and scale their impact.


Looking to tap into Orange Capital to unlock the power of gender equality and build a more equitable world? Reach out to us for advisory services on:

  • Issuing an Orange Bond or making Orange Loans
  • Designing a gender lens for your fund’s investment strategy
  • Building a portfolio that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Integrating a gender lens into your supply chain
  • Developing a transparent, data-driven approach to measuring your impact

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